Spud Guns and Other Older Projects

Spring 2014 Semester Projects

  • Construction of a scale hyperloop model based on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Alpha white paper for ME470, senior design. Our goal was to produce an oval evacuated test track, a linear induction motor, and a capsule capable of traveling at 30 m/s.
  • Researched for John Rogers’ material science group on external methods for monitoring core body temperature.
  • Intro to Mechatronics – programmed MSP430 and OMAPL138 processors and peripherals, great class instructed by Mr. Dan Block.

Tesla Motors – Battery Engineering Intern (fall 2013)

Designed the external thermal containment silicone seals for the Model S battery pack using Catia V5 solid and surface modeling. Established a key battery pack venting specification by developing a test procedure, apparatus, and DAQ system, then synthesizing the resulting data with vehicle performance requirements. Performed and documented engineering validation testing on 6 battery enclosure component and cost reduction projects. Communicated technical content of projects through testing reports, technical drawings, specifications, and Excel models of cost summaries to enable powertrain design and reliability teams to make component selection decisions

Microsoft – New Product Introduction Intern, NPI (summer 2013)

Facilitated collaboration across 10+ functional groups to guide hardware development programs and launches for the Surface tablet and Perceptive Pixel large screen touch displays. By the end of the summer, I realized I did not DO a whole lot because the role turned out to require more experience-based technical program management than I or the hiring manager expected. This aside, I DID gain a very complete and broad understanding of each team required to ship a consumer hardware device, identify some dependencies and risks between the groups, and produce a rare visual flowchart of all activities/deliverables/dependencies for a 3 month period. Also, because of the massive amount of information inherent to a complex hardware program, I  got much better at figuring out which questions to ask in situations where I didn’t know what question was needed to acquire the information I sought. Overall, the job was kind of like being a PM, except I worked between all disciplines, from finance to manufacturing to reverse logistics. As part of the job, I traveled to a production facility in Suzhou, China and to a business partner in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Microsoft – Mechanical Engineering Intern, Sensor Development (summer 2012)

Performed analysis of a design change for the current production Xbox Kinect sensor. I was specifically focused on the design and manufacture of the gear train: see step 5 here. To validate the design change, I used free body, finite element (FEA), tolerance, sensitivity, and experimental analyses. Also, during my internship I traveled to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China to meet with the gear train suppliers to discuss the proposal and their manufacturing procedures.

InKnowVision Alaska – Lead Engineer (Nov. 2011 – May 2014)

Lead design, development, and prototyping of device for patent filing for a company in the wine industry. The product was entered in the 2013 Cozad New Venture Competition at the University of Illinois and reached the semi-finals.

Eco Illini – Shell Eco-Marathon team (2012)

The Eco Illini is a registered student organization at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign aimed at building ultra fuel efficient concept cars to compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon. For 2012, we built two cars with a completely reengineered carbon fiber monocoque body, lighter components, and fantastic aerodynamics when compared to the 2011 model. Whereas the 2011 team achieved 871 mpg, we aimed for 1200 miles per gallon. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties and time contraints during the integration of the vehicle’s subsystems, we did not complete a test run at the 2012 competition. A member of the Body subteam, I led the design, procurement of sponsorship, and installation of the cars’ lexan windshields and was heavily involved in the manufacture of the carbon fiber body, for which we used vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) technology to make the parts.

Robert Bosch – Manufacturing Coordination intern (summer 2011)

Implemented Bosch lean manufacturing tools (TPS-based) on pilot manufacturing lines of a Bosch joint-venture facility, Purolator Filters NA, as part of a project to reduce the cost of goods sold of the $10 million business division. Performed data-driven line balancing, value stream design, efficiency, line-layout, and scrap reduction projects. Interacted with line operators daily and trained 20 for the implementation of tools and improved methodologies.

Student Consulting (Spring 2010)

Consulted on a potential anti-aging drug for a neuroscience researcher. Evaluated potential manufacturing sources and human side effects for a drug shown to have significant anti-aging, neuro protective, and cardio protective effects in mice.

Spud Guns (ongoing) Spudnik I and II


Eagle Scout Project (Winter 2008-2009)

Planned and lead Boy Scout Troop 401 on project to build an exercise station on a local park. Organized over 80 volunteer hours to complete the build.

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