Tri the Illini

Originally, this blog was “an exploration of engineering, running, and the occasional adventure.” Through a series of events on the running end, I embarked into the triathlon world this fall. Originally coming from a multisport background before going hardcore running for two years, I’ve enjoyed getting back to an athlete mentality rather than that of a bird-runner.

On October 2nd, I raced my first triathlon, the Tri the Illini sprint held at the University of Illinois by the Fighting Illini Triathlon club. The legs: 300m indoor swim zig-zag style, 14.5 mile bike, ~5k run. Below is a graphic of my performance. As expected, swimming and transitions have the most potential for improvement. In the bike leg, a more aerodynamic tri bike and generally stronger legs would have helped. At least the run was legitimate.

Note: the run was closer to 4.9k, and the swim time include the run from the pool to the transition area. You can click on the picture to make it bigger.

Thoughts and Comments:

  1. Rather than basing my triathlon training on mileage like I did for cross country and track, I have been focusing on strength, going fast when I feel good, and doing more regular doubles. I’m probably faster now on 2/3 of the mileage, and my legs and body are feeling consistently better.
  2. It’s okay if your sister beats you on the swim and bike as long as you make up 4 minutes on the 5K to beat her. Maybe.
  3. Swimming is not easy, especially when you sink.
  4. Triathlons, even sprints, are much more physically exhausting than a mile or 8k
  5. Do a tri!

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