The Other 22 Hours

On Tuesday, a dozen people in my group left work early – 6pm – and headed to Stanford’s track for an unofficial Tesla 1 Mile Time Trial. The stakes were high: custom medals and power bars.

Tesla 1 Mile Time Trial Medals
The competition was quite solid throughout the field.

Tesla 1 Mile Time Trial Times
And a good time was had by all.

Tesla 1 Mile Time Trial

Afterwards, we visited a local establishment for burritos and cold frosty root beers. In the conversation that followed, one of my coworkers mentioned her plan to take a 2 year vacation thanks to Tesla stock options and spend the time seriously training as an ultra runner. Another coworker asked if that’d be a good idea since he figured serious training would lead to injury.

Both the first coworker and I disagreed, saying that training casually while working is a much easier way to get injured.  Jobs, school, friends, kids, etc. can all take priority over the small but important details in training, such as stability exercises, eating well, or getting enough sleep, making it way easier to get hurt despite a lower training load. In other words, it’s the other 22 hours outside of training that are the most important to improvement


This fall, our tri club started hired its first coach and began a team training plan. I’m really enjoying the structure it brought to my training, though I admit I still haven’t been in the pool as much as I need to be. The training plan, being 2000 miles from the distractions of campus where my fear of missing out (FOMO) is most active, and being in a new environment have all prompted me to rethink the other 22 hours of my life. Since I want to make the most of my final USAT Collegiate season, I have been trying several improvements to my other 22 hours to make my training more effective.

  • Sleep – scheduled for 11pm-7am every day
  • Digital bedtime – no computer or phone after 10:30pm, a guideline
  • Snacks for work – food to fill in between meals and prevent poor workouts due to 3-meal centric calorie gaps
  • Standup desk – being able to be upright all day at work instead of bent over in a chair all day is amazing
  • Going sockless – my buddy Ehsan is doing a project on shoes. In conversations with him, I realized that my feet haven’t been able to grip the soles of my shoes as they would bare ground, so they are weak and feel weird. The second best thing to barefoot is sockless, though a shoe without a sock is not a perfect system
  • Bike and run commute – pretty great given California weather, 8.5 miles each way. I’d have to do the energy conversion to see if the gas saved costs less than the extra food consumed
  • Plan the day – I check my Training Peaks plan the night before to integrate my workouts into my commute, work, fun, and sleep plans.


For fun, the nod:

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