Fighting Illini Triathlon Running Guide

Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of serving as a run coordinator for the Fighting Illini Triathlon team. Instead of having a paid coach, the team has student coordinators who write the workouts and coach teammates. A collegiate runner before I started doing triathlons, I had never thought about all of the tidbits of knowledge I had been taught and learned over about 10 years of competitive running.  I’ve found as a coordinator that writing workouts is the easy part. The harder part is communicating across a wide range of experience, ability, and goal levels we have on the team.  I got to thinking that establishing a basic knowledge base early in the season would have a big impact on our ability to understand workouts and communicate in both directions. One thing led to another, and here is the result: the 2012-13 Fighting Illini Triathlon running guide.

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