Eco Illini Update


Update: the body work for the UIUC Eco Illini cars is coming along. We’ve completed both sets of carbon fiber shells and are in the process of refining them before paint/clear coat. One car is going to be painted black while the other one–the prettier of the two–will be clear coated so the carbon fiber is visible. Both will get shark paint jobs to give them a WWII airplane look. Even if the cars don’t run well, we of the body team will make sure they look good.

Next up, windshields and attaching the inner chassis. If only we could find a vacuum forming facility close to Champaign that would allow us to form our mold. As it stands, we’re going to have to drape the lexan or PETG since our search for a vacuum form sponsor has been futile.

Four weeks until competition in the Shell Eco-Marathon in Houston.

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